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A revolutionary, anti-oxidant cream that creates a radiant, healthy, and youthful looking skin while fighting the signs of aging! The secret to beautiful skin is skin health. Ensuring that the skin receives essential vitamins and nutrients matters most in skin care, and that is what our Posh Cream is all about.

Anti-oxidants are vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that prevent and repair damage. It starts by slowing down or outright prevents the effect of free radicals. They ensure that you can fight the process of oxidation. Anti-oxidants occur naturally in food and are a safe way of battling the signs of aging, as well as slow down some life threatening diseases from taking over. Given this, it aims for good health.

What is Posh Cream?

Our special anti-oxidant formulation is a unique cream that enhances the skin’s health by replenishing much needed vitamins and minerals needed to fight free radicals that can cause advanced aging and diseases. Even the mere exposure to the air we breathe exposes the skin to ‘rusting’ or aging much like leaving a sliced apple on the table for a time.

Anti-oxidants that are essential to the skin are vitamins A, C, E, and the mineral selenium. They naturally occur in fruits, vegetables, and grain. However, as the body ages, the metabolic process needed to process and utilize them in the skin slows down. So we have found a way of applying it directly to the skin to help it get the anti-oxidants it needs, with Posh Cream.

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How does the Posh Cream Formula Work?

Posh Cream generally applies anti-oxidant vitamins and minerals directly to the skin. Notice how housewives dip sliced apples in lemon juice before storing? The special formula of Posh Cream works in the same way. Creating a barrier between your skin and the harmful free radicals, our unique formula is for you.

What are the Advantages of Choosing Posh Cream?

  • Our research-based formulation of Posh Cream aims at giving the skin what it needs to keep it healthy to retain its youthful glow and health. No harsh ingredients, no elements alien to your skin.
  • Promoting beauty is all about promoting skin health. You take vitamin and mineral supplements every day to keep yourself healthy, why not your skin?
  • Due to its natural acid, it helps the skin to fight bacterial infections that may cause scarring. It also helps the skin to naturally gain a firm texture.
  • Since anti-oxidants accelerate the skin’s ability to heal and regenerate, Posh Cream also promotes the healing and erasure of scars as it aids in the growth of new skin cells in the body.
  • Exposure to the sun poses a lot of threats and includes the possibility of skin cancer. Anti-oxidants help the body repair the damage caused by excessive sun exposure, and reduces the occurrence of wrinkling.

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 Do I really need to use Posh Cream? Is it safe?

Anti-oxidants give us the opportunity to take care of our skin’s health in the most natural way. How? By enhancing the skin’s abilities to fight and regenerate against free radicals that can ruin the skin and cause wrinkling. With regular use of Posh Cream, you safely and effectively are able to help sustain your skin’s health at the same time eliminate those unwanted wrinkles brought by exposure to free radicals.

Being wrinkly and dry is for grapes. Use Posh Cream for a healthy, radiant younger looking skin without the wrinkles. Being beautiful and posh is for you!

Experts recommend pairing Posh Cream with Velve Skin Serum to help you obtain maximum results alot faster. When paired together, you will get the best combination of age-reversing solutions possible. Reap the benefits of both and experience the ultimate skin transformation!

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